Vivos smartphone with on screen fingerprint scanner

Vivo is expected to launch a smartphone with on screen fingerprint scanner.The company has started to tease the smartphone on its social media channels. The trade show is scheduled to take place on June 28 in Shanghai. 

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The teaser image features a design that resembles a fingerprint passing through a smartphone screen, the tagline is  “Unlock the Future”. This lends more that Vivo could be preparing to come with a smartphone, featuring a fingerprint scanner into the phone's display. 

While nothing is known about this new mysterious Vivo smartphone as of now, but few reports suggest that the device in question is Vivo’s upcoming X9 Plus. Rumours suggest that the Vivo X9 Plus will have an optical fingerprint sensor which will be in the display.

Earlier this week, an alleged video appeared online showcasing on-screen fingerprint sensing technology by Vivo. The four-second video showed a user unlocking the phone by simply long pressing on the screen. The handset also included a dual rear camera setup. 
I have also heard that Apple and Samsung are working on this technology.

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