How To Choose a Perfect Gaming Laptop

Gaming Laptops aren't focused on everybody and concentrate on gamers who look for a gadget that offers an unadulterated gaming experience. There is a large group of brands like HP, Asus, MSI, Razer, Dell that have their offerings in the gaming laptops class. Be that as it may, which one is the best and how should you choose a perfect gaming laptop. I have listed a couple of things you should remember before forking out a great looking measure of money on the correct gaming workstation.

The Right Hardware (CPU + GPU)

To play games like Assains Creed Origins or Pubg you need a great CPU and a GPU so In terms of lag-free gaming performance you need a great CPU and for a gaming laptop I recommend you Intel Quad Core i7 processor and if you don't want to spend a lot of money then you should go with dual-core i5 processor that is must for a lag-free gaming performance.The brand like hp omen series and Lenovo legion series has used i7 quad-core processor and the price has crossed Rs 1,00,000.

If CPU is important then GPU is equally important as it is a deciding factor of the gaming laptop.GPU puts in a lot of hard work in a gaming experience or in a gaming laptop.Most of the high-end laptops have graphics cards like gtx 1080 or the gtx 1070.But the graphics card like the gtx 1060 or the gtx 1050ti is also worth for gaming and can handle the gaming performance in a very easy manner.But if you are a hardcore gamer then you should go with gtx 1080 or the gtx 1070.

Ram and VRAM

After knowing that CPU and GPU are really important for a high-end gaming laptop similarly Ram and Vram are equally important more the ram more the performance so for a gaming laptop you should least have 8gb of ram but if you will have more than that it would be more efficient.


Storage is equally important for a gaming laptop or for a normal laptop so I recommend both HDD and SSD with minimum 1TB of HDD.


1920*1080 should be the minimum display resolution one should always look for a gaming laptop though there are many other options with other resolutions such as the QHD and 4k but they add you a lot of costs to your budget for eg: MSI Titan has a 4k display and it costs for about Rs 3.35 LAKHS.

Keyboard and Touchpad

When you will go and search for a gaming laptop also go with the key travel ensure that the laptop you're going to buy has a decent key travel and they are smooth and if you can go research for a backlight keyboard laptop then it would be awesome and also ensure that the touchpad is comfortable

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